Our team is dedicated to supporting our vets as well as our East Setauket clients to ensure each patient is taken care of to the best of our abilities.

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  • Sydney, East Setauket Practice Manager

    Sydney W.

    Practice Manager

    Ever since Sydney was a child, she knew animals were her passion. Weekly visits to a local pet store opened her mind and satiated her curiosity. Over time her love for animals grew and she became the proud owner of a variety of reptiles, birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs. Desiring to be of further service to animals, she became immersed in the rescue community, fostering animals on their way to a forever home.

    Sydney’s role as hospital manager comes after several years of working in all aspects of the animal industry. Her natural leadership abilities and dedication to excellence are a welcome addition to Setauket Animal Hospital. Her goal is to keep the hospital’s operations running smoothly and to keep all furry friends happy. Sydney is fear-free certified and greatly enjoys making any anxious or aggressive patient comfortable when visiting the office.

    Outside the hospital, Sydney enjoys traveling, hiking, and finding new adventures. She especially loves spending time with her spouse and four fur babies, Layla the beagle, Connie the basset hound, and Earl and Jojo, the mischievous sphynxes.

  • Nicole C., East Setauket Veterinary Technician

    Nicole C.

    Veterinary Technician

    Nicole is one of our main LVT’s who strives for positivity and top notch patient care at our hospital. Each and every single day she comes to work, she brings nothing but smiles and productivity to our workplace. She enjoys working alongside our doctors in the OR routinely throughout the week, in addition to getting puppy kisses when not monitoring anesthesia. On her free time, she packs her schedule with hiking, rock-climbing, going for runs, or hanging with friends. At home, she has a sweet black dwarf bunny named Bellatrix, and variety of other reptiles at home.

  • Lindsey, East Setauket Veterinary Assistant

    Lindsey V.

    Veterinary Assistant

    Lindsey worked in human healthcare as a CNA for 4 years. Though she loved what she did, when it was time to take the next step, she decided to follow her heart and transition to the veterinary field. Lindsey is currently in school with hopes of eventually becoming a licensed veterinary technician. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys working on her truck, fostering dogs, and spending time with her boyfriend, Alex.

  • Haley, East Setauket Veterinary Assistant

    Haley U.

    Veterinary Assistant

    Haley started at our hospital summer of 2022. Since starting at our hospital, she has been nothing but an efficient, team player to the flow of our practice. She currently is studying to complete her biochemistry degree, although she aspires to be a veterinarian once established in her career. Her wishes are to specialize in radiology interpretation, and to continue to gain experience within internships and her time at Setauket Animal Hospital until she goes to vet school.

    Within her schedule, she volunteers her time within the rescue community by fostering cats to find them their forever homes. Reading, going out to the movies, sewing, and vacationing is how she uses her available time for fun. She shares her love with her 2 cats Charlotte and Bea, and her 2 pups Oliver and Daisy.

  • Fernanda, East Setauket Veterinary Assistant

    Fernanda F.

    Veterinary Assistant

    Fernanda graduated Stony Brook University this past spring 2023 with her Bachelors of Science in Biology. She will be going to vet school after a much-needed gap year and has interest in furthering her education abroad out of the U.S. Once she’s a veterinarian, she hopes to work in a small animal hospital just like ours! In her spare time, Fernanda is an avid traveler who loves to visit and explore new places. She loves shopping, doing her makeup, and loves to go out with friends and attend music festivals. Most importantly, she loves taking her little shih tzu Manchitas on walks and spoiling her with treats.

  • Ava, East Setauket Veterinary Assistant

    Ava A.

    Veterinary Assistant

    Ava started working in veterinary medicine at a young age as an assistant. Growing up she always had a love for animals and a passion for helping them. Ava is currently in school at Suffolk County Community college on the road to becoming a licensed veterinary technician. She is also Fear Free Certified and believes it is a very important concept to create a stress free environment for all animals at the vet. Outside of work, Ava enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors and traveling. 

  • Leea V, East Setauket Administrative Assistant

    Leea V.

    Administrative Assistant

    Leea recently moved back to Long Island from living in Virginia where she started as a veterinary assistant. Since working at Setauket Animal Hospital she has been learning reception responsibilities and cross training to assist Sydney with her administration needs. She has grasped the ropes of invoice and inventory management quickly, and is a fast learner which has made her transition seamless at out facility. She is currently going to school to pursue further education in radiology studies for feline, canine, and human patients she may work with in the near future. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her three cats, traveling and spending time with her family and boyfriend.

  • Francesca, East Setauket Receptionist

    Francesca M.


    Francesca started at our hospital with no previous veterinary experience, and quickly grasped the ropes of an efficient CSR naturally right away. Since starting, she has begun to further her experience within our field by learning restraint techniques, in addition to researching more skills and literature to strengthen her knowledge within her day to day speaking to our clientele. On her free time, she enjoys playing video games, seeing the Met’s play baseball, and loves to explore different foods and adventures with her boyfriend Chris. At home, she has a loving maltipoo named Bella that gives her endless affection.

  • Isabelle M., East Setauket Receptionist

    Isabelle M.


    Isabelle started at our hospital in Fall of 2023 working as a CSR and since then has grown a love for animals. Within her working experience, she has developed an interest in learning more within this field and is interested in pursuing further education to be a licensed veterinary technician within the future. On her free time, she enjoys doing her makeup, spending time with family, and caring for her pets; Chapo the French Bulldog and Ash, the sweet tempered Russian Blue kitty.

  • Amber M., East Setauket Receptionist

    Amber M.


    Amber is a New York City native turned happy North Shore girl with a life-long passion for animal care. Taking care of a feral cat colony as a small child made her fall in love with rescue animals at a very young age. She has worked in no-kill shelters, as a cattery guide at Koneko Cat Café, and as a cat fosterer and sitter. Setauket Animal Hospital is her first veterinary medicine experience and she loves every minute of the daily reception duties! Outside of work, she loves playing with her tiny tuxedo cat Dottie, studying microorganisms, hiking, and writing poetry.